How to Quit Smoking Without Getting Fat

Quitting smoking is no easy task but if you have decided to take the plunge then you should have a plan of action. Most smokers swap one addiction for another – they give up cigarettes only to start another bad habit. Comfort eating is the most common option for smokers who are trying to stay away from a cigarette and this may contribute towards weight gain.

Chocolates, Coffee and Cigarettes

Nervous system stimulants like nicotine and caffeine are not easy to give up. These easily available stimulants are often a part of our daily life and socially acceptable. If you have given up on nicotine, you may be at risk of starting up on another stimulant, especially caffeine.

Caffeine is present in relatively large amounts in chocolates, tea and coffee. The problem with these foods and drinks is that they also contain large amounts of sugar and fat. This will contribute to weight gain and this is the reason why many smokers gain weight after quitting.

It is not only the caffeine that is addictive in these foods – refined sugar is also addictive.

Exercise and Healthy Diet

If you have decided to quit smoking then you may have to consider your other addictions as well. Look at quitting cigarette smoking holistically. Just as you would start up an exercise program when dieting, similarly you should consider an exercise program or other activity as part of your plan to quit cigarettes. This will prevent you from opting for sugar and caffeine due to nicotine cravings or boredom.

Even if you do not need to lose weight, starting up on a healthy eating plan when you quit smoking will ensure that you stay away from those ‘fat foods’. When structured with an exercise program, you will feel a difference in your physical, mental and emotional health which will further motivate you to stay away from nicotine.

But this is not the time to start up on fads like the lemon detox diet. The physical stress of these starvation diets will only push you back into eating an unhealthy diet and getting back into cigarette smoking.

Losing Weight When Quitting Cigarettes

If you have decided to quit smoking because you want to be healthy, then this may be the time to also attend to your weight loss goals. While it is not advisable to simultaneously give up two addictions – food and nicotine – it may provide you with an opportunity to feel healthy and stay motivated.

Plan your course of action. Starting an exercise program, adopting a healthy eating plan to lose weight and giving up smoking will make you feel better about yourself. If you are overweight, you will be feeling depressed about your body and will be more likely to return to cigarette smoking. But if you attack all your health concerns simultaneously, you may be less likely to slip on one. It won’t be easy but if you are motivated, you can do it.

Nicotine Replacement Products

For those who have started supplementing their nicotine addiction with sweet foods and caffeine, you may want to consider a nicotine replacement product. Available as a patch,

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gum, mouth spray or electronic cigarette, nicotine replacement products are only a temporary measure. Once you can be certain that you will not succumb to sugar and caffeine, you can slowly wean

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Speak to others who have quit smoking while managing to maintain their weight. There are many websites that will provide you with ‘quit smoking tips and plans‘ to allow you to control your addiction without feeling like

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its a lonely battle. If you have already quit smoking but gained weight in the process, then speak to your doctor about a medical weight loss program to help you lose those extra pounds. Remember if you are not feeling good about yourself, you are more likely to return to your nicotine addiction.